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Transitioning Legacy SOA Platforms to Participate in the New API Economy-GNAX & Intel

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Transitioning Legacy SOA Platforms to Participate in the New API Economy-GNAX & Intel

As a backbone health information exchange provider GNAX runs a cloud service that integrates, translates, and archives electronic healthcare records & imaging archives among regional healthcare facilities. As a first phase GNAX, constructed a Service Gateway based messaging back-plane that secured and exposed traditional SOA and legacy data as REST APIs for fast integration. As part of their strategy, a formal API Management layer is used to package key value added services for member procurement and consumption. Learn how API Management capabilities such as SLA based throttling controls, monetization, metering, and API discovery are layered on top of traditional SOA infrastructure to produce new revenues and drive innovation. Watch this on-demand webinar as Intel joins GNAX CTO to present the design patterns and key results from this working implementation.

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