API Management, PCI Compliance, Enterprise Mobile Access

Securely Expose
the Hybrid Enterprise

Service Gateway

API Management

PCI Compliance

Integrate & Connect
Your Back-end
to expose new app services
for mobile and cloud
Scale how you share APIs
Engage developer and partner communities
Package Services for Mobile
Mobile middleware to speed cross platform delivery
Reduce PCI & PII
Compliance Scope
Zero App Impact Tokenization Solution
Transform Your Service Architecture
with an API Management Platform
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Become a Security Assessor Hero... Address 200+
PCI & PII Compliance Requirements
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 Application Security Blog

posted by Travis Broughton on January 3, 2014

Less than a month after the Target credit card breach another significant data theft is in the news. This week's victim is Snapchat, the popular photo sharing social network. Gibson Security announced the weakness, with some solid technical analysis of the API's problems.... (read more)

posted by Andy Thurai on on January 3, 2014

When ATOS, a big corporate conglomerate (EUR 8.8 billion and 77,100 employees in 52 countries), decided that they wanted to become the dominant Digital Service Provider (DSP) for payments, they had a clear mandate on what they wanted to do. (read more)

 Why Intel?

Application Security solutions deployed by hundreds of customers over 10 years, McAfee aligned cloud security, patented Informatica powered integration, API Management powered by Mashery, and the only no app impact data tokenization solution for PCI & PII scope reduction. Transform how SOA services & sensitive data are exposed as APIs to developers, mobile, & cloud. Rapidly enable mobile access to support BYOD, enable hybrid cloud to on-prem application mash-ups, enable gateway hadoop security models, and remove all your apps from compliance scope.

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