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Web Service Security Partners

Expressway's web service security solutions are stack vendor neutral, providing proven interoperability to a market leading 20+ heterogeneous enterprise environments. This enables a true best-of-breed approach that extends existing investments, offloads intensive web service security processing, and mediates services across domains, data centers, and cloud.

Web Service Security
API Management

Mashery is the MQ leader for API Management. Intel has packaged their API portal solution that delivers sharing, analytics, meta data management, and SaaS based API policy configuration to our gateway security and integration capabilities.

Tokenization & PCI Compliance

RSA- Intel® Expressway Service Gateway has validated interoperability with RSA® Data Protection Manager as part of the Secured by RSA ® Certified Partner Program. The combined solution helps existing RSA customers who are tier 2 retailers or e-tailers address PCI compliance mandates with a zero impact gateway proxy that effectively removes apps from PCI compliance scope. The gateway proxy manages encryption, network security, and data tokenization with RSA Data Protection Manager that provides enhanced management features like granular application permissions, full key and token lifecycle management for end-to-end data security and lower the total cost of ownership. RSA offers industry-leading solutions in identity assurance & access control, encryption & key management, compliance & security information management and fraud protection. These solutions bring trust to millions of user identities, the transactions that they perform, and the data that is generated.

Integrated Governance

Intel & Software AG CentraSite have collaborated on a maturity model and joint solution to address high performance security and integrated run-time/design-time governance for SOA. Assets include: ActiveSOA Demo, Maturity Model Video, Joint Solution Brief, Joint Webinar, & 2 Policy Driven SOA White Papers.

BPMS & NetWeaver Security

SAP has certified Intel Expressway Service Gateway is interoperable with the SAP NetWeaver platform to offer enhanced external web service security, service virtualization, cross-platform id propagation, and service mediation. Assets include: SAP Certification Report, Secure Principal Propagation for BPMS Paper, and an Intel IT Case Study.

External Web Service Security for Oracle Fusion & IdM

Intel has certified integrations to multiple products within the Oracle Fusion Middleware and Identity Management suites to safely expose and share web services with external partners and the cloud. Assets include data sheets, white papers, technical integration guides, and joint webinars on demand with Oracle. Leverage and extend your Oracle investments for perimeter security at the network edge.

XACML Authorization

Intel Expressway Service Gateway is a PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) for the Axiomatics XACML PDP Engine. (Policy Decision Point). Assets include a Joint Solution Brief and integrated demo upon request.

External Web Service Security JBoss

Intel Expressway Service Gateway is used to establish an advanced perimeter defense and first point of contact to the JBoss SOA Platform which manages internal web services for the enterprise. Assets include a Joint White Paper, and on-demand webinar.

Hardware Security Module

Intel Expressway Service Gateway integrates with the Sophos SafeGuard CryptoServer Hardware Security Module to provide a secure boundary in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 key-storage appliance. Solutions are used in highly regulated industries with stringent security regulations like financial payments (PCS DSS), government agencies (SIPERNet) and healthcare organizations (HIPAA).

Intel® Expressway Service Gateway

Service Gateway

Intel® Expressway API Manager

API Management

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