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SOA Services & API Governance Background

SOA Services Governance + API management has emerged as a new discipline called Application Service Governance. Today, network edge service gateway appliances are used to bridge and connect the internally facing SOA services infrastructure with externally facing "API Management" portals.

  • Design-time SOA Services governance refers to the phase in which a service is designed and published with a service definition (WSDL). The processes and controls around who can change a service, who gets notified when a service changes, and how to implement impact analysis for these changes are typically addressed by SOA repositories such as Software AG's CentraSite® or IBM's WSRR solutions.
  • Runtime SOA Services governance refers to the phase where the SOA runtime environment (an application server, an Enterprise Service Bus) relies on the repository to get a Service update, an associated policy, and other metadata to make a policy enforcement decision.
  • API Management refers to new cloud or on-prem portals that post API meta data, docs, tooling, and API analytics for developer or partner communities.


Intel® Expressway Service Gateway enables an Enterprise to have a fully integrated governance lifecycle for SOA Services and API Management by delivering:

  • Standard UDDI support for SOA registry/repository solutions.
  • An integration framework and specific validated integration packages with major SOA Repository solutions such as CentraSite and IBM* WSRR.
  • A full runtime governance environment able to enforce policies designed in SOA repository solutions based on standards such WS-SecurityPolicy and WS-Policy. Provides a policy enrichment capability to add policy artifacts not yet supported by such standards.
  • A rich monitoring capability that can easily be integrated with the Security Information Event Manager (SEIM) products or other monitoring solutions.
  • Seamless integration to Intel Expressway API Manager powered by Mashery to drive fast external dev consumption of APIs.
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