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Security Gateways for Financial Services Background

Security Gateway

Financial Services such as Insurance, Banking and Asset Management continue to focus on automation to reduce costs in face of increasing regulatory, security, privacy and audit requirements. Service Gateways have emerged as next generation SOA infrastructure that delivers high performance, policy based security enforcement at the financial service provider's network edge.

Intel Solution

Secure Payment Gateway
Intel® Expressway Service Gateway supports a multitude of payment processing protocols, data formats and industry security standards. A powerful WYSIWIG process execution environment orchestrates transactions with the lowest possible CPU latency and higher throughput for centralized financial services payments data inflow.

Cross-Platform Mainframe Service Enablement
Tested interoperability with zOS*, IBM* WSRR and IBM* MQSeries and support for SPNEGO* & Kerberos tokens delivers a unique virtual XML Gateway solution that can secure web services exchanges between Microsoft* WCF and IBM* WebSphere & mainframe environments.

Secure Integration Appliance
For Financial Services looking for a simpler, more performant solution than traditional ESBs, Intel Expressway Service Gateway offers an integration appliance tailor made for sophisticated integration workflows. The solution can also be used as a co-processor to offload security or large message handling from existing infrastructure.

API Management Gateway
Using Intel® Expressway API Manager rapidly expose legacy financial assets as beautifully designed APIs posted in an API sharing portal for affiliate partners, internal developers, and external mobile developers. By securely exposing APIs you can derive new revenues from the rapidly expanding financial mobile apps market.

PCI & PII Scope Reduction
Using Intel® Expressway Tokenization Broker, financial institutions can remove back end systems that handle credit card PAN data or PII personal information from PCI DSS scope.

Secure Integration Appliance

  • Protocols: ftps, sftp, http/s, tcp, ibm mqseries or any MQ broker via JMS
  • Data Formats: SWIFT, FIX, Telenor, BAI, CREST, DTCC-NSCC, NACHA
  • Security Standards: WS-Security, bidirectional SSL, S/MIME
  • Regulatory: SEPA, PCI Security Compliance
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