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REST Web Services

REST Web Services Background

A common problem for enterprises that expose services is how to build a simple yet secure interface. In most cases Enterprises want to perform some type of REST web service to SOAP mapping. This allows the external interface to be simple, but presents challenges if internal web services use SOAP across different identity management systems and middleware platforms. For REST Web Services, the industry accepted solution is to use a Service Gateway.


Intel® Expressway Service Gateway provides an enforcement point for REST web services messages and can delegate authentication and authorization to identity management and PKI systems such as Active Directory and CA* Siteminder. It provides a secure point of entry to fend off denial of service threats, code injection, and other malicious traffic.


  • Invoke Security Token Service credential mapping or validation
  • Ensure throttling and SLAs by REST service
  • Extend Enterprise audit and compliance to WOA and REST
  • Mobile friendly OAuth identity token authentication
  • REST web service API security and management
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