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Mobile Access for enterprise applications have emerged as new revenue drivers for companies with legacy applications and data. Exposing these backend services to developer communities' enables creation of value added composite apps used by a new market of mobile consumers. However, most enterprises today concentrate on how to fit mobility and the 'app' economy into existing infrastructure with minimal changes. Enterprises are still learning how to change their server-side and middleware architecture to fit the newer, faster, quicker, more efficient mobile taxonomy. For true mobile access, an enterprise needs to move beyond custom coding for each app towards a repeatable platform approach where teams can rapidly configure multiple legacy apps for fast mobile access.


Service/API Gateway mobile middleware bridges the gap between legacy apps and the sea of heterogeneous mobile platforms, operating systems, and programming languages used today. The traditional 3-tier web architecture is collapsed into a single application proxy that handles all API and service security, including OAuth mobile access, secure integration and mediation to external cloud services, high performance data translation, especially for JSON content. It also handles caching of JSON responses, SLA management, and integration with Enterprise directories for policy decision support. To improve the user experience requires server side runtime performance enhancements such as retrofitting legacy APIs for dynamic Web Socket interactions with the client. After surfacing and packaging APIs to be used for creation of mobile apps, Intel offers free open source tools like Intel XDK HTML 5 tool that enable write once cross platform app authoring environments. Intel delivers the only end to end integrated solutions to securely connect the backend with mobile application development.

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Enterprise Mobile Applications

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