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Internal API Management Background

Enterprises looking to expose internal middleware, software and systems as robust, managed APIs represent large growth area since the advent of service oriented architecture. External forces such as social, mobile and cloud put pressure on the CIO to align IT systems with innovative software projects.

While external APIs have been getting most of the press lately, data suggests that internal API management services are responsible for significantly more traffic. According to one large media service provider, for example, it takes nearly three years of public API requests to equal one day's worth of private API requests. Another popular online notetaking and archive platform reports that 99% of their API calls come from internal applications, in spite of being an open platform with a robust SDK and vibrant external development community.

The emergence of hybrid Enterprise provides opportunities for IT to enable business to be nimble and for business line managers to have the flexibility to utilize SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services as well as react more nimbly to their customers especially as it relates to mobile apps and services.

The Intel Solution

Intel provides a complete internal API management solution that enables both internal and external APIs. Internal API Management mirrors Open APIs in their API sharing features, such as web portal interface, interactive documentation, API subscriptions, and a developer oriented catalog. Enterprise ready API Sharing adds important features geared towards the Enterprise, including.

  • Scalable component architecture with a robust API engine
  • Completely customizable portal allows a clean fit into existing business processes, allowing the Enterprise to use an out of the box web portal or write their own
  • Multi-tenant capabilities for Partner management, allowing clean separation of partners as API providers with a view into only their own developers and teams
  • Flexible developer groups, supporting existing Enterprise workgroups as well as ad hoc team creation
  • Flexible deployment options, supporting private cloud, hybrid/composite or public cloud data centers
  • Global service level management across datacenters with shared API limit enforcement
  • Single Sign-On options via Enterprise LDAP systems or existing web authorization investments from Oracle, IBM, CA and others, or developer sign-up for external parties
  • Composite API Management supports a hybrid model which allows a local on-premise portal as well as a Intel's cloud based Mashery API sharing portal.

The Intel® API Management Portal is the linchpin of API management for the Enterprise, providing sharing of APIs to internal developers or partners with runtime API enforcement provided by Intel® API Manager.

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