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Hadoop Security

Hadoop Security Background

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop can keep valuable insights locked behind the corporate firewall. While organizations can use the basic REST API set to unlock data from Hadoop, the baseline APIs lack enterprise grade hadoop security. The built-in hadoop security for WebHDFS, HBase and HCatalog APIs offer only Kerberos support, inconsistent policies, and fragmented enforcement. Moreover, cluster scalability & reliability is challenged in the face of multiple internal or external applications taxing the namenode server, which can put the entire cluster in jeopardy.


Intel® Expressway API Manager (Intel® EAM) can improve the Hadoop security & reliability model in a touchless manner, requiring no Hadoop distribution changes. Intel EAM works as a security gateway enforcement point for all REST Hadoop APIs. Using this model, the Hadoop cluster only trusts calls from the gateway and all potential API callers access data and services through the gateway.

Intel EAM supports the full depth and breadth of security for REST calls from authentication to message level security, tokenization, data anonymization, throttling, denial of service protection, attack protection and data translation.

  • Single point of authentication and perimeter defense for Hadoop - works with all distributions including Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop*
  • Hardware DMZ security and Hadoop API obfuscation
  • Enterprise grade AAA with support for IBM, CA, Oracle, Microsoft
  • Rate limiting and identity-based message throttling
  • Expose data directly from Hadoop to mobile devices with data format optimization (JSON), and mobile security (OAuth 1.0/2.0)
  • Data anonymization for PCI and PII compliance for data exchanged through Hadoop APIs
  • Accelerated cryptographic operations, SSL security, REST/JSON processing
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