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EC2 Security & API Management for the Enterprise

Enterprises looking to participate in the cost savings and scalability of public cloud APIs have to solve fundamental problems around API security, brokering, mediation, performance, governance and control. Applications and services deployed in the public cloud often leverage industry standard RESTful APIs that, from a protocol perspective, lack enterprise grade perimeter defense and trust enablement security. For their cloud, deployments, corporations are seeking to migrate their unique security policies used on-prem to the cloud. EC2 security for REST can be enhanced with perimeter defense that provides governance, denial of service protection, and an intermediation layer for RESTful services running in the public cloud accessed by external applications or partners. Trust enablement EC2 Security covers emerging requirements for access control OAuth or API keys.

Further, applications deployed and scaled in the public cloud need to be quickly and easily enabled for access by API calls from web, native apps, on-premise applications or partner web services, all of which require data manipulation and routing.

EC2 Security

Intel Solution

Intel® Expressway API Manager (Intel® EAM) is now available on AWS marketplace and can be up and running in a matter of minutes to enable EC2 security protection of RESTful Amazon web services EC2 APIs. The solution consists of a low impact network edge proxy that provides perimeter defense, trust enablement, and mediation for any RESTful Amazon EC2 API. Try enhanced EC2 Security by Spin up EC2 API Manager Now.

Intel® Expressway API Manger for Amazon EC2 provides the following capabilities:

The Intel® Expressway API Manager Provides a powerful EC2 Security API policy tool that includes the following features:

  • API Perimeter EC2 Security and Content Attack Protection
    • Service virtualization and URL rewriting for any RESTful service running in EC2 or the public cloud
    • Provides SSL/TLS acceleration, termination and origination for back-end services
    • Adaptive Denial of Service Protection for automatic blocking and rate shaping of rogue client traffic.
    • Protection against code injection attacks, application level XML threats, data validation, HTTP restrictions, A/V scanning (requires external server)
    • Granular controls on HTTP versions
    • Block or allow individual RESTful methods including POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, TRACE and OPTIONS
    • Attachment controls on API requests and responses with support for String, JSON, XML and Binary. Support for simple MIME and multi-party messages
    • Error masking with configurable error codes and message payloads per attack category
  • API Authentication and Authorization for EC2 Security API Control
    • OAuth, API Key, HTTP Basic with LDAP and local key store authentication
    • LDAP Authorization based on URI or custom resources
  • API Service Level Management & Throttling
    • Rate shape API calls based on messages per second and quotas per day or per month
  • API Message Routing
    • Provides Static or Dynamic Routing to multiple back-end services
  • API Data Manipulation
    • Wire speed XPath selection and XML transformation
    • JSON/XML transformation

Advanced API Management Features

Intel® Expressway API Manager also supports advanced features for mobile enablement, including WebSockets, OAuth, protocol and data format mediation, database support, enterprise identity management, authorization and more.

These additional features are enabled through the use of the Eclipse Services Designer Tool which is available with a valid AWS marketplace subscription. Please contact support and request the Services Designer.

Mobile Enablement Services from Intel

Intel's professional services team comprises of seasoned professionals who are well experienced in conceptualizing to implementation of a mobile strategy. The professional services team can assist in unleashing the value of your APIs via mobile enablement. They bring vast experience and knowledge of industry best practices required to implement a mobile solution which can possibly open new channels for additional revenue without compromising safety of your data and IT assets. For more information on these services please contact us here.

Upgrade to Full Enterprise API Management

If you've used Intel's solution for API Management on EC2 and require more capabilities around API management such as an on-premise or SaaS developer portal or compliance protection for APIs please request more information Intel's full solution for API Management and Security here.

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