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Developer API Sharing Background

Enterprises looking to participate in the API economy have to solve two fundamental problems: secure API enablement and developer API sharing. Secure enablement refers to how to expose existing assets as RESTful APIs. Developer API sharing describes the processes and architecture used to inform and educate developers on API usage and availability.

Developer API sharing done right provides developers a simple, easy way to access API documentation and provides easy to use community tools such as blogs and forums to educate developers and speed API adoption.

Intel Solution

Intel® Expressway API Manager (Intel® EAM) is the first of its kind composite API platform designed to securely expose APIs to business partners and provide API sharing to internal or external developer communities.

Intel EAM provides the best of both worlds, an on-premise gateway for API enablement coupled with a hosted API management portal for API sharing powered by Mashery. This provides the ideal, 'best-of-breed' architecture for enterprises looking to maximize security, performance, and developer adoption for their API assets.

The solution consists of a low impact network edge proxy and SaaS developer portal powered by Mashery. Intel EAM is the first API platform that delivers the security of on-premise software with the flexibility and cost savings of a SaaS service.

Intel® Expressway API Manger provides the following capabilities:

  • Developer On-boarding and Registration
  • Portal Administration and content management system
  • Reporting and Analytics for API usage and latency
  • Developer Facing Services Catalog
  • Developer Enablement Tools, such as IO Docs, which provide mock-responses for testing APIs
  • Admin Tools, to allow Administrators access to developer approvals
  • Community Tools, such as forums, blogs and application galleries
Developer API
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