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Gartner API Management

Intel Positioned as a "Leader" in the Application Service Governance Magic Quadrant.

The 451 Group

API Management Comparisons - 451 Group

"Intel & Mashery's new composite API Platform orchestrates the challenge of API management for secure mobile and cloud computing"

- Carl Lehmann, 451 Research

Gunnar Peterson

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"API gateways must implement real security policies to protect enterprise services, brands, and identity. While the business demands enablement, security teams mustreconcile innovation against a reasonable security policy. This is where API gateways come in."..."Intel & Mashery solution delivers API sharing for developers with deep enterprise integration capabilities"

- Security Analyst, Gunnar Peterson

The Forrester Wave™: SOA Application Gateways, Q4 2011 Forrester Research, Inc., November 18, 2011

API Management Comparisons - Forester

Intel® Expressway Service Gateway cited as a "Very Strong Developer-Focused Product." Top two ranked score of 4.3/5 for current offering when compared to other gateway vendors. Among Highest Score for message formats and protocols, attack protection, transformation and integration.

"unique among the gateway products in that its policies and service processing workflows are created in a development tool"

"Another unique aspect is its integration with products from Intel's McAfee division."

"Intel's reference customers are very strongly satisfied with vendor and product."

"Satisfaction is consistently strong across individual product features"

Gartner on Cloud Service Broker Technologies like Intel's® Service Gateway

"Within a few years nearly a quarter of all cloud services will be intermediated via Cloud Service Brokers. XML Security Gateway Appliances and Federated SSO solutions are two examples of core CSB enabling technology for API management and user access security. These enabling technologies are what tend to help brokerage become more mature and consistently successful."

- Daryl C. Plummer, Managing VP and Gartner Fellow

International Data Corporation

API Management Comparisons - IDC

"Intel and McAfee are among the first wave of leading technology provider to assemble an integrated set of cloud security products. This includes proven technology solutions that address user SSO, strong authentication, app service APIs, threat protection, and data security for the cloud. Using these on-premise software or cloud-based security services, enterprises can effectively control or broker cloud access across internal departments or external cloud providers.

This is a broad cloud identity strategy, backed by two industry leaders. Together, this creates a immense field security channel that is ready with cloud-optimized software and services."

- Sally Hudson, Research Director, Security Products and Services

Cloud Security Alliance

API Management Comparisons - CSA

"Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) is an emerging area where the CSA is working to define best practices and standards in collaboration with key partners. Intel and McAfee are leading vendors that are providing cloud access solutions to the CSA Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR). This allows IT organizations and/or 3rd party providers to identify cloud providers, including CSBs, which are compliant with CSA best practices."

- Jim Reavis, Executive Director, Cloud Security Alliance

Government Technology Research Alliance, December 2011

API Management Comparisons - GTRA

Voted Best Cloud Security Solution by Federal, Government, and Public Sector attendees.

Steve Coplan

"Fundamental shifts in how applications are accessed, composed and delivered are solidifying the need for a cloud access governance model that can broker transactions at the distributed and dynamic edge between the cloud and the enterprise. As the API revolution starts to take full effect and identity becomes a key control pivot in that environment, what may have formally been perceived as discrete uses cases for federated single sign on, API management or mobile authentication and authorization are viewed as inter-related or even overlapping in terms of functionality requirements.

Intel-McAfee's cloud access broker strategy is based on the recognition that while the starting point for implementing cloud access governance may vary, enterprises will look to implement a platform that can accommodate a range of use cases and support centralized management capabilities.

Also, the ongoing integration between Intel's services gateway, authentication and identity management and McAfee's security intelligence allows for tighter controls over cloud-based interactions and limits the potential for API integration to be exploited as a threat vector."

- Steve Coplan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice

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