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API Gateways with cloud based API sharing portals are empowering line of business and marketing managers to rapidly expose APIs to developer communities for new application innovation. This new business model for exposing APIs outside the enterprise opens up new affiliate & mobile enablement partner program revenues from legacy enterprise data and apps. However, not all API gateways are designed to manage the entire API lifecycle with sufficient security, integration, and scale.

Best of Breed Approach

Many API Gateways in market focus on developer API enablement through a portal without sufficient, enterprise grade security and integration. Intel has packaged the market leading Mashery API sharing portal in the cloud with Intel's security/service gateway for on-prem enterprise control to deliver Intel® Expressway API Manager.

With a single subscription you get: Intel patented integration technology with connectors for over 20 identity & middleware platforms, Informatica powered data translation, McAfee DMZ security, and market leading API Management powered by Mashery. Building on Intel's 10 year track record with hundreds of XML gateway customers, Intel Expressway API Manager is the enterprise choice for an API Gateway.


Intel® Expressway API Manager

Leading API Management Suite

Composite API Platform
Legacy data API enablement
Proven Multi-tenant SaaS Partner Management
DMZ Ready Gateway secured by McAfee
Developer-friendly Eclipse environment
API Data Protection for PII and PCI
Mobile middleware
Intel optimized peak performance and robustness
Standards-based lightweight services bus
API Gateways

Composite platform

Combines the cost savings of cloud with the security, scalability and control of a proven services gateway for on-premise traffic management.

API Gateways

Legacy data API Enablement

Ubiquitous support for any structured, semi-structured or unstructured data format, powered by Informatica, allowing developers to surface any legacy data as APIs.

API Gateways

Proven Multi-tenant SaaS Partner Management

Shared API portal powered by Mashery has over 200+ consumer brands and over 170K active developers.

API Gateways

API Data Protection

Allows service providers to offer secure APIs to customers for PII and PCI data compliance and protection. Enterprise traffic can tokenize or encrypt data in API calls: JSON, XML/SOAP, & HTTP and in data formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, HIPAA, HL7, EDI-X12.

API Gateways

Mobile Ready APIs

Provides secure mobile access and mobile APIs, allowing enterprises to surface legacy assets to native mobile apps with appropriate scaling and throttling features.

API Gateways

Enterprise Grade API Security

Provides comprehensive trust and threat features for APIs with McAfee integration for DLP, anti-virus and anti-malware

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