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Cloud Service Brokerage

Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) presents an emerging operational role where IT aggregates services from multiple cloud providers, applies corporate policies, & exposes simplified consumption APIs for internal developers and partners. Point-to-point management of billing, SLAs, API versioning, integration connectors, and security cannot be managed by individual developers or partners in a controlled way.


IT or third party cloud providers can simplify & scale operation of a cloud service brokerage by deploying Intel Expressway Service Gateway. External cloud service provider APIs can be invoked, aggregated, and packaged into composite applications by the gateway and exposed for department consumption. The gateways connectors provide ready integration to internal systems and apply enterprise class security policy prior to invocation. Services can also be exposed to partners using ready integration with Intel Expressway API Manager which supplies a partner facing developer portal that streamlines sharing of API meta data.

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