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Cloud Data Protection Background

As enterprises continue to move applications to the cloud they have a growing concern about cloud data protection to prove how they handle sensitive data. Many countries and some states in the US have recently passed cloud data protection laws - such the European Union, Singapore, California, and others, that requires enterprises to be compliant and protect the sensitive data of their consumers, also known as Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The definition of PII varies from place to place but includes a common list of names, addresses, tax identification numbers, social security numbers, zip & postal codes, bank accounts, driver's license numbers, passport numbers and others. As most of the cloud providers don't assume the risk or liability of cloud data protection the onus falls on the enterprises to figure out a way to protect their data that is being sent to or from the cloud for execution.

Intel Solution

Intel Expressway Tokenization Broker offers an in-line proxy solution that is deployed at the enterprise or cloud edge to protect the traffic and data going in, out, or flowing between platform as a service APIs and providers. The gateway applies format preserving encryption, tokenization, or message level security to API and web services messages that are flowing through enterprise systems to cloud provider environments.

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