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API Analytics Background

Developers need to up to date API analytics information in an easy to use shared cloud. Analytics should provide insight into how an API performs in the context of a specific developer as well as allow an administrator to track which APIs are seeing the most adoption and usage. This allows the organization to fine tune how it promotes its APIs through the product lifecycle. API Analytics allows the organization administrator to gain insight into the business value of an API.

Intel Solution

Intel® Expressway API Manager provides a SaaS portal that allows developers and API business owners to track API analytics & usage including successful API calls, blocked calls, errors and security events. It provides a set of standard reports that can be queried to gain insight into API analytics performance.

Standard reports include:

  • Overall API usage - successful calls, blocked calls, error response, median call volume per hour
  • Overall API usage by operation
  • API usage by API Key
  • API usage by operation and API Key
  • Error responses by API Key
  • API usage by geo

In addition to the SaaS portal reports, Intel® Expressway API Manager also writes API traffic details to its own local logs in a standard format.

API Analytics
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